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The therapy sessions have had a very positive effect on how I now look at tackling my confidence issues and my own self-image. I can now more clearly envision myself as a confident person when I do experience nerves or anxiety and have useful technics which I still use to help boost my confidence. I particularly still use the ‘pinching fingers’ trick often. Since completing my sessions with Paul, I have been pushing myself more to speak or lead in meetings, and my colleagues have said they can really see the difference in my behaviour. Thanks again Paul!


Thanks Paul for your flexibility with our sessions. I'm delighted to say I've lost 10 lbs since our sessions started and I've dressed in clothes i haven't worn for ages. I'm no longer buying snacks when I shop and sorting those things I've meaning to do for ages instead of eat.


I wanted to let you know that I literally took the plunge and swam to the deep end of the pool last week. I've done it several time since and it's great that i don't have to be the one watching the family from the edge. I can't wait until we go on holiday again. X


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