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Welcome to my new Blog page.

My new blog page will feature information about me and hypnotherapy in Cornwall.

As a hypnotherapist working in West Cornwall and online, I offer confidential, safe and a relaxing experience to help people from all works of life, overcome issues from phobias, smoking cessation, motivation, confidence building and much, much more. I'm always willing to chat to you or or reply via email or social media.

Free initial assessment & taster session.

I always include an free first session where we can can discuss your particular issue and make sure hypnotherapy is right for your needs. This is also an opportunity to introduce hypnotherapy to you and answer any questions you may have. A simple short relaxation session is also included, to give you the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy for yourself.

Are you curious?

Then give me a call. I'm always happy to discuss the benefits and effectiveness of Hypnotherapy and willing to discuss any issues confidentially with you.

I look forward to hearing form you. Paul

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